Cost for a pine-orthopaedic treatment


For legal insured persons - up to the perfect 18th year the pine-orthopaedic treatment, in most cases is taken over, by the health insurance.
The new directives are the pine-orthopaedic indication groups (available malpositions are exactly analysed and classified in a table).

In this situation, the insured person must carry an own portion of 20% (with the second child for 10%) himself first.
You receive the bill for the own portion all 3 months. You are obliged to collect and keep these bills until the finalization of the pine-orthopaedic treatment.

With not only the treatment, but also the financing to your fits we offer to every patient an individually co-ordinated payment by instalments, as well as toll-free financing free of interest.
If the treatment is successfully concluded in the intended extent, the health insurance scheme refunds the own shares paid by you.

What happens if the health insurance scheme does not take over the treatment?

You get from us, if requested a pine-orthopaedic plan of treatment on private base (GOZ). With wish of treatment we offer you of course reductions and payment by instalments possibilities free of interest.

External-contractual achievements

Are medical necessary achievements which optimise the pine-orthopaedic treatment (which do not exist, however, in the achievement catalogue of the legal health insurance schemes).

A modern, first-in first-out orthodontics is not possible without external-contractual achievements! To allow you these achievements, our practise offers different payment ways (incl. payment by instalments). Private complementary insurances could take over the costs for the external-contractual achievements.


Complementary insurances partially take over the costs of "border treatments" (KIG-classification 1-2) and the external-acceptable achievements.


For privately insured patients a pine-orthopaedic plan of treatment which you must present to your private insurance company for approval is provided. Your private insurance refunds the costs to you. Whether and how much of the medical costs the health insurance the private health insurance takes over, depends on your contract of insurance.


The aid takes over in most cases the costs for an average treatment, with ascertained medical need.


The pine-orthopaedic treatment is valid as an unusual load in the income tax explanation – then The costs can be deductible for tax.